A Weekend of Redemption

The Lord is close and He is faithful and He cares about the things that cause my heart to ache and my anxiety to rise.  This weekend has been one of answered prayers.

ImageMy beloved little Jack was given a reprieve from going into the doxie foster care system with just days to go before I was to drive him to Columbia to surrender him up.  The most wonderful Christian couple have adopted Jack and I know they will love him and care for him as I would. I took Jack to his new home Saturday morning and it was hard…but it was not as bad as I thought it would be.  Kenny and Connie Todd are already posting pics of Jack on Facebook and giving me updates on him, which gives me great peace.  Jack will thrive with them.  This is a gift from God and I am very grateful!

After my tenant told me he had to break his lease Monday afternoon I immediately posted an ad on Craig’s List in search of another.  Tuesday morning I had one email from an interested person.  It’s the only response I’ve received.  This person is signing a one year lease and moving in on April 1st.  There will be no gap in the unit being rented and my mortgage will be covered.  This is amazing! I’ve been renting this condo for most of the last 7 years and I’ve never found a renter this fast.  This person is a responsible professional with a good income and is interested in extending the lease to 18 months at some point.  Praise God!  He did this.

It’s been a wonderful weekend of redemption.  I am so encouraged and I know the Lord is close.  On my way to church this morning I saw a woman worshipping in her car…clapping, raising her hands and shouting praise.  It made me smile.  He is good.  No matter what.  I turned on my own worship music in my car and this song starting playing.  Take a minute, follow the link below and listen to the words. It’s been a special one to me for a while…but this morning in the car it was especially comforting.


Last Wednesday I was diagnosed with cancer.  I should be freaking out but I’m not. This morning I realized that I have a strength that is not of me. It’s a strange feeling that I have not experienced before.  I have the tendency to fall into depression when facing adversity.  Yet I have never felt more sure that I’m not alone…that the Lord is very close and the peace I feel is His.  Something has changed without my awareness or any effort on my part.  I’m not saying I’ll never have moments of tears and raw emotions…But like the words to the song…I will not be moved, I will not be shaken. No evil will conquer me. I’ll not look to the right or to the left…but I’ll keep my eyes on Him.  He is all I need when the wind and waves are swirling all around me. We are going places together I never dreamed of.  What an exciting life! Uganda awaits!

No matter what you’re facing in your life right now…the words to this song are for you too.  Be encouraged!



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4 Responses to A Weekend of Redemption

  1. Liz Paige says:

    Follow Him whereEVER He leads…just keep being obedient and He is going to keep you in His favor. He’s trustworthy. And we will have faith if yours is weak! Happy for these praise reports…looks like He keeps giving you evidence of His sovereignty and goodness.

  2. Amy Knox says:

    Beautiful song and I am so grateful for his peace that passes all understanding that has fallen upon you. It is the most comforting feeling and I know it well! May God continue to fight the spiritual warfare that will surely follow as you continue to try to serve the Lord. God peace, Amy

  3. erin cooley says:

    Praying big for you! No weapon formed against you can remain!

  4. Markus F says:

    Loved reading this thhank you

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