ElizabethBumpasElizabeth served at Holy Cross Church, Sullivan’s Island, SC in a number of ministry and administrative roles from 1996-2001 and as Faith Formation Director from 2006-2008.  She spent a year doing an internship in England in 2001-02 at St. Thomas’s Church in Sheffield before going to Fuller Theological Seminary in 2003, where she received her Master of Divinity in 2006.  Most recently she spent six years (2008-2013) at St. Christopher Camp and Conference Center on Seabrook Island, SC as Conference Center Director where, among other things, she led weekend retreats on practicing the presence of God.  Elizabeth served as a missionary in Uganda with the Anglican Diocese of Northern Uganda in Gulu from 2014-2017. She was ordained there as a transitional deacon by Bishop Johnson Gakumba on August 11, 2015 and to the priesthood on May 29, 2016.  She served as the Bishop’s Assistant for International Relations, Curate in charge of the English service at Christ Church-Gulu and also taught at the Archbishop Janani Luwum Theological College.  She is passionate about equipping the saints for the work of ministry and helping people discover that experiencing intimate communion with God is the ultimate meaning of life.  She is currently serving at Saint James Church on James Island, Charleston, SC.

3 Responses to About

  1. cindy pennington says:

    Well every day of preparation is difficult Elizabeth, I know God will use every bit of it. You will be such a blessing to Bishop Johnson, Sandra Earixson, Dr Katie, and especially to God’s people of the Diocese of northern Uganda. I’m excited that you are committed to blog. It will allow us to walk alongside of you in a small way on this journey.
    God bless you as you serve Him

  2. Debbie Saccomanno says:

    Good Morning Elizabeth
    It was great to see you so happy and at peace. I loved listening to your speech at Sunday school. I think about your words daily, how so blessed we are living in the USA. Even though I knew it already from all the times my mom told me “eat yor dinner there are hungry children in the world who don’t have food every night”. I feel it now more . I think of you all every time I turn on the water or go to the store to buy something “I really need”. I am waiting on the Lord every day also to show me how he wants to use me also as so many of us are. It’s the quiet when he speaks the loudest, I wish he would turn up the volume on these old ears. So bless you for hearing and listening to his call and the Angels are ringing a bell everytime you give a bible to our dear brothers and sisters. Much love and good health to you all.
    Debbie Saccomanno

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