Returning To Gulu

After being home for a year, I’m returning to Uganda in October and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ll be leading a team from St. John’s Parish from Oct 16-25. I’m very much looking forward to seeing my Ugandan friends again!

Some of you will remember that in March 2017, I visited one of the Sundanese refugee camps in Northern Uganda with Dr. Katie Rhodes, the American medical doctor with 20170318_104849whom I live and who has been working in Uganda for over 12 years. She has been working with the Sudanese refugees since they began pouring over the border.  Over 1,000,000 refugees have come across the border to Uganda, fleeing the civil war in South Sudan. I wrote a blog post called “God, Send Someone” regarding this visit and many of you generously gave and helped us raise $5,000 to support Dr. Katie Rhodes ministry to Anglican Sudanese refugees (see the blog post “Sudanese Refugees Church Construction”. That money was used to do the following:

  1. to construct build two churches in the Pagrinya Refugee Settlement
  2. to provide simple furniture (altar and other tables) for those two churches
  3. to provide two sewing machines and some fabric for the Mother’s Union
  4. to put a permanent roof on a third church structure in the Maaji Refugee Settlement whose grass thatched roof was leaking and falling apart.

The people were so thankful to God for providing these things for them. It encouraged them that the Lord does see them and care about their suffering. In the photos below you can see all three of the churches.  Dr. Katie has used these structures to also do medical missions and teach classes.  The large photo is of Dr. Katie at the celebration and dedication of the new roof on the church at Maaji.

Katie has made me aware of a fourth structure being used as a church in yet another refugee settlement now has a failing grass thatched roof and has asked if we might be able to help again. These structures not only provide a gathering place for worship…but Katie also uses them to run her medical missions to the refugees. My prayer is to raise $2,500 for the refugees to give to Dr. Katie when we visit in October. We plan on going to the refugee camps while we are there. Will you please prayerfully consider giving to provide a roof for a church? All gifts are fully tax deductible. Make checks payable to Saint James Church and mail to:

Saint James Church
Attn: Sudanese Refugees
1872 Camp Road
Charleston, SC 29412

Thank you so much for supporting these fellow Christians…giving them places where they can gather to worship out of the rain and the hot African sun.  May the Lord bless you abundantly for your generosity and love.

In Him,


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4 Responses to Returning To Gulu

  1. Wallace Bumpas says:

    I wanted to share this but there was no an option on your email.
    Sent from my iPhone

  2. kitsbill65 says:

    Sounds so exciting, Elizabeth. I am sending you check for refugees. Do you need any personal trip support? God has sold some property for me and I would like to share what I can. Love in Christ, Kits

    p.s. would love to see you.


  3. Carol y n says:

    Elizabeth, I would like to give you trip support. Can I just do it thru st. James? Let me know. See u tomorrow.

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