Diving into New Adventures in 2015!

Happy New Year…almost! Guess I’m ready to dive into 2015…Preaching at Cathedral

I’ve been home in the US for a couple of weeks, enjoying hot showers, good food and friends and family.  But my heart is already back in Gulu.

2014 was certainly an eventful year for me.  I am so thankful to everyone who walked through the challenges and celebrations of the year with me and without whom I would not be serving God in Uganda.  Among them are Christa Milligan, who stayed with me in the hospital during my surgery for colon cancer and went above and beyond the call.  Pam & Paul Cooper, who put a roof over my head for four months after I leased in my condo in preparation for moving to Uganda and who also act as my property managers in my absence.  Saint James Church, Charleston, SC and all the wonderful people who support me there and pray for me including the Rev. Arthur Jenkins and Rev. Louise Weld, Mark and Robin VonAllmen and everyone in the Missions Group.  Jennifer Miller, whose friendship and generosity knows no bounds.  Jennifer Woodworth for sacrificially taking care of my sweet dog, Daisy.  There are dozens more but to name you all would take a couple of pages.  I’m more thankful than I know how to express.  I am a blessed woman!

I look forward to 2015 with much excitement and anticipation.  When I return to Uganda on January 15th I have so much work waiting for me.  I’ll be teaching OT Prophets to the Diploma class of the Archbishop Janani Luwum Theological College.  I’ll also be acting as the full-time Bursar for the College.  I will begin working with the Missions Department of the Diocese of Northern Uganda to take the Jesus Film on the road…going to each Archdeaconry in the Diocese in 2015.  I will purchase and begin to distribute Acholi Bibles to those most in need in the remote villages of Northern Uganda.  I’ll continue to act as the Assistant to the Bishop for International Relations, corresponding with partners from all around the world.  These are the things I know about…but I’ve learned to be ready to respond to whatever each day brings in Uganda.  You never know what the day will hold or where the Lord will lead.  It’s a life full of excitement and adventure and it’s a privilege to serve the Lord in this way.

I am still in need of about $10,000 to cover not only my living expenses but also costs of the Jesus Film Ministry and Acholi Bible Fund.  It’s not too late to make a tax deductable contribution before the end of this year.  Please…partner with me in the work the Lord has called me to do in Uganda.  Click on the Donate button to contribute through Paypal or mail a check to Saint James Church.  You can find the mailing address under “Partner with Me” tab above.  All gifts must received through Paypal or postmarked by Dec. 31st.

I can’t wait to begin to post again from Gulu with new updates and pics of all the Lord is doing there.  I ask your prayers as I travel back to Africa in about two weeks.

May your year be filled with the life-changing love, mercy and grace of Christ Jesus and may you continue to discover His dreams for you as you follow Him.

with love,

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1 Response to Diving into New Adventures in 2015!

  1. renidbumpas says:

    Oh Elizabeth, how precious it is reading your vivid description of your life in Uganda and all the ways the Lord is leading and providing. Wally and I are praying for you and rejoicing with you as you do this good work.

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