A Video Tour of My New Home

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6 Responses to A Video Tour of My New Home

  1. Erin c says:

    It’s really lovely! How’s the weather? What’s the time difference between us? How are you feeling?

    • Hi Erin! I’m seven hours ahead of you…so right now it’s 8:15pm. It’s “winter” here in Uganda…if you can call it that. It’s about 80-85 during the day and falls to upper60’s or low 70’s during the night. It’s actually very pleasant if you’re sitting under a shade tree. It’s also the rainy season but it hasn’t rained all that much since I’ve been here. I’m feeling great. Still transitioning, if think. Just so different. Next week I will jump into my job at the Diocese. I miss you all. Can’t believe that cute boy of yours is already one year old! Tell everyone at Saint James I said hello! Blessings!

  2. Paul says:

    Love it Elizabeth! Looks like you might need a gardener. I might just fit the bill. God bless you. Paul

  3. Elizabeth, looks real good. Have you had goat for dinner yet ? I just heard about that, may not be true. I was always teased in Honduras about what I might be eating, guess I was goos for a tease . Bless you Missionary ,Lillie

  4. Jennifer Hollowell says:

    Thank you so much for posting this- Daisy and I loved hearing your voice. Also great to have a visual of your surroundings while we pray for you!…We love you and praise God for PORK!

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