The Results are in….

Lord have mercy…the last 4 months have been really hard.  Just this morning I was asking the Lord to please give me some indication of the direction I would be going in next. The waiting was beginning to take a toll on me. I sensed Him saying to me that I needed to learn to be okay with last minute changes in direction…that I needed to be okay with changing course with little advance notice.  I think this is a level of letting go of control that few of us ever practice.  I like to make my plan and stick to it.  But He wants us to become so tuned in to His presence and His voice that on a moments notice He can say “go right” and without hesitation…even though the plan had been to go left…you can shift direction.  Maybe this kind of awareness and sensitivity to the leading of the Spirit will be especially essential for me in Uganda.  I don’t know.  But I do know that waiting for the next step has been hard.  It’s been like sitting at a red light waiting for it to turn green….with the motor running for 15 minutes.  Could you literally sit a red light for that long?  No! None of us could.  We would think something was wrong and we would look in all directions before moving slowly through the red light.  Spiritually speaking…this is NOT how to proceed.  Don’t move until you get a green light…no matter how hard it is.  This is not easy.  I hope I’ve learned a little through this exercise in waiting. 

 Anyway…praise God!  The waiting is over and He has given me the green light!  Finally got the results of the test and met with the oncologist today.  My score was 12%…which is very low.  There is an 88% chance that the cancer will not return within a three year period.  I can reduce that number by another 5% by doing the pill form of chemo.  I’m praying about whether I should do this and talking with the doctor about doing it in Uganda.  But regardless of that decision…I’m on that plane!  I’m going to move my departure date back a couple of weeks so I can have time to sell my car and…should I decide to…finish the first cycle of chemo before I leave for Uganda. So I’m looking at departing the first of June…just five short weeks away!  I’m so excited and so glad this part of the journey is coming to a close.  It’s been interesting, to say the least.  And I know that I was strengthened by all of your prayers for me.  It’s been so encouraging to know I have so many people who are interceding for me…even people who don’t know me! 

As I begin making final preparations to depart, I want to make an appeal to you to become a partner with me in this mission if you haven’t already.  I have overcome a lot of obstacles to get to this point and I know the Lord will provide for every need…including my finances.  Perhaps some of you have already felt Him tugging at your heart to partner with me financially.  I have about $4000 more to raise and I will have my first year in Uganda covered. If you want to learn more about investing in this Kingdom work in Africa, please click on the “Partner with Me” tab above and you can read about how to make your tax-deductible gift through St. James Church to support this ministry in Uganda.  Thank you for making this a prayerful consideration.

I’m so happy and relieved and excited!!!!  Africa…here I come!!


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2 Responses to The Results are in….

  1. Mom says:

    Praise God ,I,m so happy for you, the light is green !

    Sent from LIllie,s iPad


  2. Barbara Simmons says:

    Praise the Lord… for everything!!! and especially for green lights and low test results. Praying for you and your final weeks in USA before flight take-off! Very exciting! Lots of love to you, barbara

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