9 Weeks and Counting…

This week has been really hard…probably the hardest since starting this journey towards Uganda.  And I will admit that I have had lots of reservations about going in the last few days. This Saturday I will surrender one of my dogs to a doxie rescue to be placed up for adoption.  Might not sound like a big deal to a lot of people but to me this has been devastating. As I mentioned in an earlier blog…I have a strong emotional attachment to them.  They have helped me learn to love.

In the middle of going through all this I sat down and purchased my airline ticket to Uganda for May 14th.  I needed to take a step forward in this process…something exciting instead of something sad.  It’s all gotten just a little bit more real…as if it wasn’t already.  I wanted to wait until I had raised all of my support for the first year before committing to buying an airline ticket but I was encouraged by a couple of friends to go ahead and take the plunge and trust that the Lord would provide.  So as I’m trying to let go of a life here…I’m also trusting for provision to be able to make a life and to minister there.

The next nine weeks will be full of doctor’s appointments, visa arrangements, securing necessary documents, making check lists, selling my car and a thousand other things. The time will fly, I’m sure.  Then before you know it I’ll be in Gulu…sitting on the porch of my new home and adjusting to life in Africa.

As tough as this week has been and next week promises to be as I say goodbye to my sweet Jack, I am thankful.  I’m thankful for Pam and Paul Cooper for letting me live in their spare bedroom for three months and for supporting me these last 7 months.  I’m grateful to Jennifer Hollowell for caring for my dogs.  I’m thankful to Vernon Carter and Ginger Bergstrom at Chehaw River Woodworks for a job until I leave in May.  I’m thankful for Jennifer Miller for sharing her wisdom and for supporting me these last 20 years. I’m thankful for all the friends and family who are partnering with me.  I’m thankful for Saint James Church for their love, support and encouragement.  I’m thankful for the support of my mom and dad.  And I’m really thankful for cortisone shots in both knees…because my 50 year old knees feel 30 again.

Onward and upward…nine weeks and counting.


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1 Response to 9 Weeks and Counting…

  1. karen tetrev says:

    Thank you for sharing that and being so real. I am sorry to hear your grief! It is real suffering you are going through, and I am praying for your peace in the midst of all you go through on a daily bases. I will pray that this 9 weeks will be blessed so much!

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